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GenoSynth GmbH is a chemical R&D company from Berlin-Adlershof, the biggest science and technology park in Germany. Founded by team of scientists, who were employed in various international scientific organizations over the last 20 years, and experienced business developers, we offer our professional expertise in chemical research and preparation of organic or metalloorganic compounds for our customers from pharmaceutical, biotechnological, chemical, food industries or scientific institutes.



GenoSynth GmbH, Berlin

Synthesis and analysis

GenoSynth GmbH, Berlin

process optimization


We support our customers in a form of research services on a contract basis.

A greatest value we set on careful documentation for all our activities and provide all the project-related data, from raw-data to final report. We highly appreciate our customer’s time and deliver results and intermediate reports in shortest possible period. We possess an extensive experience in asymmetric synthesis, preparation and separation of complex chiral compounds, organocatalysis and natural products synthesis.